6 December, 2021


Often you have got a heartbreak instead of love in return in your relationship and that is why you are here right now. You definitely would like to know why you experience this awful thing that pieces and shatters lovers apart rather than bringing them much closer and you also need solutions. Don’t worry, many have been in there many times before and have their beautiful and ugly stories to tell. You are not alone! And no matter the reasons why you often have had heartbreak in your relationship,be very much assured that you will be fine at the end of the day!

Heartbreak is often seen in relationships where one of the partners especially the man leaves his girlfriend not necessarily to another but for some reasons best known to him. The reason sometimes is either for self examination or personal reflection of himself in the relationship and  this is fine.

Moreover,the process of leaving a relationship for a while shows that the man if he is the actor here is not ready to settle down or that he is not yet sure that his partner is the right one for him and he needs sometime off to figure out something for himself. So it is just okay if the man takes a break and leaves the relationship for a while in order to re-examine himself.

But why does the heart always break and the other partner feel hurt if only what the man did was to take a break off the relationship in order to see if his partner is really the right one for him? If he feels so and so much realizes that she is  will he not come back to her? Well,the truth is that sometimes,when a partner leaves already established relationship,he never returns.

Listen, when a man loves you and is convinced that you are really the right person for him study shows that he will really make his way to find you and get you in his arms. Except a man does not really love and cherish you he will never have anything to do with you no matter the hard push.

Why do you often get heartbreak in your relationship? Consider the following reasons:

  • There is no readiness from your partner yet.
  • You expect so much than he can give.
  • You are the one who is being too enthusiastic while he the man is the one being reluctant about your relationship.
  • He has not made up his mind that it has to be you in his life.
  • He suddenly feels the need to want someone with something else.
  • He had never wanted you for real to be his future life partner in the first place.
  • He hasn’t seen exactly what he wants from his desired wife to be in you. It seems you lack those qualities and he has to find them elsewhere.

Have you seen the reasons why you could often experience heartbreak in your relationship if everyone that comes your way has similar issues?

You see,it is said that if a woman is the one being enthusiastic in relationship rather than the man himself,often the relationship doesn’t end well. This is because,in as much as a man and a woman are the two parties in relationship,the main driver here is the man! And so,if the woman tries to be the driver,she cannot sail the relationship down to the aisle .

Nature makes it that only man marries a woman and bring her to a family.

Every man knows the qualities he wants or desires in his future partner and until he sees or finds them in a woman he is in a relationship with,he can never marry her but will find his way out with someone else. If this happens to you,you will surely have your heart broken and shattered!

You should understand that relationship is a situation where two partners who have come to be in love with each other are trying to get along to see if they are compatible and will be willing to spend the rest of their lives together. For this singular reason,it will be unwise for any of the parties to think that once he or  she is in a relationship and he or she loves her partner,it must end up in marriage. Every relationship does not and will not end in marriage!

Heartbreak comes and heartbreak goes. If a man feels you are not the right person for him,let him go! He is simply telling you that he is not the right man for you and that there is a better man out there for you to make you really happy and fulfilled. Let it go!

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You are a beautiful super woman and you shouldn’t beg to settle for anything less. When a man leaves you and your heart is broken,tell yourself it is fine! It is just momentary. It won’t last forever. And always remember that like bone, every broken heart will heal again!!!


I am Monica-May Nnenne Njoku. I am a writer,a TV host and and teacher.

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