6 December, 2021

Is Letting him Go Simply The Best?

A lot of people are into enduring relationship,struggling to be make meaning with the affairs but still can not find it working. Yet They still remain in it.

Others are people who know quiet well that their so called partners are not the ideal persons for them and they still find it difficult to break up probably for fear that they may not see another partner soon for replacement.

Still,we have other set of people who obviously have seen that their so called partners are out of love with them for some other persons and still would not move on for good.

All of these people know that they are not in working relationship with their partners and are afraid to call a spade a spade and move.

My questions to these people are: What do you enjoy in lying to yourself that all is well when all is not well? What do you gain in enduring worthlessness rather than enjoy what is worth enjoying? Is holding on to something that is not real not harder than letting go? When a partner stops to care about you,is it not a clear sign that he or she is no longer interested in you? What do you gain by waiting on somebody whose heart is away from you and loving someone else?


First and foremost,let me make it clear to you that no one in this life belongs to you! The only people you should keep are those who truly want to stay!

One of the biggest problems in relationship is that when a man has got a woman into relationship he begins to think that he has got her all forever. Then when a woman is in love with a man,she also begins to feel that she’s got him all forever in her heart and there is never going to be a let go. This is arrant nonsense! No one belongs to you in this life! And in relationship level,your boyfriend or girlfriend does not belong to you until you both have tied the knot. That is when you will become one flesh with your partner!

Simply have an open light mind in relationship.Yes,love with your heart but not with your whole heart that you should trust your life with it. Understand that it is called relationship and not marriage. It is a level of affair in which two hearts that beat together try to understand each other’s personality and see if they can accept it or not. It is not compulsory that it must work out at the end of the day.


  • When your partner begins to act strange it is a sign the knot is loosening. Watch it! Try to find out if the matter is what you can fix. Do not try to force it fixed if it refuses to be fixed.Simply let it go.


  • When your partner stops to respond to your feelings,it is a sign that his or her heart is no longer with you. And when the heart is turned off it means the partner is already out of the relationship and is probably elsewhere. Sweetheart,you can not raise the dead!


  • When your partner begins to unusually cut you off  and tells you ”I want to be alone for now” and if you try to keep in touch with him or her at later time and he or she ignores you again and again,hmmm…it’s time for you to begin to prepare your heart for urgent packout.


  • If despite the attempt of your partner to push you out and you try to stay to work out something for both of you but the partner is not willing to do the same with you,my dear,let it go!

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You see,when you have the knowledge that you have nothing,you will have all the strength needed to get something that you truly want for yourself. You will be giving yourself all the room and opportunity to fight and fend for yourself.

This is different from when you refuse to tell yourself and accept the truth that what you claim you have does not belong to you. When you refuse to let go of what does not want  to stay,you only end up holding back yourself from moving on to get what you truly want for yourself.

Letting go of what does not want to stay is simply nothing but huge blessing. It will open other doors for you to see and get what you truly want and what really wants to be with you.

Always remember that nothing feels better than for one to desire something and really find it. That is utmost source of joy and happiness.

In life,whatever one forces to be is compelled to fade and die. This is meaningless and unfruitful. You should not beg to belong,you should not beg to have what does not want to be with you!!

Finally,remember that no one is indispensable. If your partner wakes up and tells you that he or she is no longer interested to journey with you and really wishes to leave,please let him or her go in peace. That does not and will not end your journey of love. Keep moving to the destination where your real love will be found.Do not stop at where the former partner left you. Move on. The best is yet to come and the best is what you will find sooner than later!!!


I am Monica-May Nnenne Njoku. I am a writer,a TV host and and teacher.

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