6 December, 2021

How To Get Your Ex Off Your Mind

Can’t get your ex off your mind no matter how much you have tried? Is getting your ex off your mind really possible?  Can I ever be without thinking about him? Don’t worry,here @ Monikmotivational.com we have ways you can get your ex off your mind and stop thinking about him!

Love is indescribable feelings that one gets for the opposite sex. This feelings becomes more indescribable when it is strong. Trying to get someone you have loved so much for a period of time off your mind certainly looks impossible but there is a way out. You can still be fine,bounce back and get free from the bondage of loving someone who doesn’t value you!

How To Get Over An Ex

An ex is someone of an opposite sex whom someone,(a partner ) has loved so much. They have been romantic mates and have built strong feelings and bond for each other over a period of time. Now one of the lovers has began to loosen out interest in the other,weakening the bond of love that holds them together. If this is happening to you,don’t worry my dear,you will still be absolutely fine! Trust me!

Here are what to do to get your ex off your mind:

  • One is to get busy and start working on yourself. The reason why this has to be compulsorily done is because since he came into your life,you have left your own life and have concentrated only on thinking about him and caring for him.

All along,it has been how to make him happy, how to please him and all that. Now to get your ex off your mind,you have to start giving attention to yourself more than to anyone else. His negletic attitude towards you makes you sad and unhappy. Pick up yourself and make it a priority to put yourself first before any other person!

  • Be realistic.  Accept that that person is now your ex even when the feelings is still there within. Understand that this is a fight you have to fight against your heart,body and flesh and your goal is to win it to be truly free from your ex. He is no longer your lover but your ex. He has left you and moved on.Your feelings no longer means or matters anything to him. Accept it and move on as well.


  • When the feelings comes,nurture it analytically and do not try to wave it off.  Trying to wave the feelings of your ex when it comes is trying to deny and lie to yourself that there was never love or romantic affairs with him or her. Yes,tell yourself at that moment that there was a lover but right now he doesn’t exist! Gradually,your heart will get to understand it and stop bringing it up to mind!


  • Understand and tell yourself that unbelievable things do happen! People can change and circumstances can also make people to change. Tell yourself that ‘we don’t own everything that we touch or feel’ and that is true! What we own is not just the things we want to have but the things that also want to be with us! Freedom of choice!


  • Whenever your ex comes to your mind or whenever you see his picture or anything that reminds you of him or her,try not to get sad or share hatred for it. Doing so, that is trying to frown at it is telling yourself you have lost the best thing in your life! How can having someone who doesn’t love you enough to see your value and appreciate you be a loss or even be tagged as losing the best thing in your life? Hello!!

Why You Can’t Stop Thinking About Your Ex

When good people love,they love genuinely from their heart! No pretense attached,no wicked or bad intentions. They give their all without reservation! They love deeply and care so much!

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On the other hand,when someone,man or woman gives his or her best in a relationship and the relationship doesn’t end well,it means a waste of everything. Waste of time and huge resources! The phone calls and romantic messages,the touches and kisses,the warm feelings from inside,the yearning to be with him or her forever,all of it now being like a shadow! How can you even stop thinking about your ex you have enjoyed these things with and have anticipated so much of things with? Still you can stop thinking about your ex!

You see,the truth is that when you were in the relationship,you allowed your own self to be over clouded and now he or she has left you!

The problem is not that he has left you but that you have lost yourself in the process of caring so much for him. The process of recovering is what causes the pain you feel right now.

While in the relationship,you gave your life,your all to your partner and now he has left,it seems he has left with them all leaving you empty.

Yes,the good news is that you can still get back on your feet and bounce back again! You were the giver and owner of what he had received. Terminate the affairs and everything you have with him or her and stop giving. Soon he will be worn out without you and get loss of you.

Soon,the you in him will expire and disappear like a tick cloud because you have stopped supplying into him or her and have started storing and building up for yourself. That is how you will get back yourself again and bounce really well again!

Let him or her go! There is no best of anything or anyone in this life! !Accept and linger for someone who loves and chooses to be with you and proves it!!!



I am Monica-May Nnenne Njoku. I am a writer,a TV host and and teacher.

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