6 December, 2021

Does My Boyfriend Love Me Even If He Is Abusive?


What kind of abuse does your boyfriend give you? The answer to whether your boyfriend loves you even though he abuses you depends on it. Again,what are the causes of his abuse? The answer to this question shows if your boyfriend abuses you on the purpose that he wants to kick you out of his life. Are there some kinds of abuse that are out of love? Yes! Are there some abuses that should make you run away from your so called boyfriend even if he claims he loves you? Yes, there are!

Abuse in this context is defined as the improper way of giving treatment to ones’ partner. Abuse can come in many forms, such as: physical or verbal maltreatment, injury, assault, violation, rape, unjust practices, crimes, or other types of aggression.

To know or determine whether your boyfriend loves you even though he is abusive depends on the cause of the abuse and the type of abuse you receive from him.

A sweet boyfriend can misbehave sometimes and later realizes that he was wrong in the way he has treated his woman and looks for ways to make up and right the wrong. This is because he loves his woman despite his shortcoming ans wants to be with her.

Why people abuse

 There are different kinds of reasons boyfriends abuse their girls. Some are intentional while others are not. Some boyfriends abuse their girlfriends unknowing just by letting the steam out of their heart. However,there are boyfriends who intentionally abuse their girlfriends simply because they do not want to continue with them. The only way they think they could discharge them is by raising abuses on them. How do you know if your boyfriend loves you even though he abuses you?

What kind of abuse does your boyfriend give to you?

Abuse type varies as the purpose of abuse are different. What kind of abuse do you get from your boyfriend? Is it verbal or physical abuse? Is it emotional or others? These types of abuse do not have the same result. Some are more grievous than others. Whether your abusive boyfriend loves you or not is dependent on the kind of abuse he lashes on you.

If your boyfriend is a kind of man who does not act up to your expectation and you feel emotionally bruised and abused,it does not mean that he doesn’t love you. He gives and acts based on his capacity and reasoning. It is only your expectation which he couldn’t meet up with that hurts you and make you feel being abused.

However,if your boyfriend physically bruises you all the time and verbally shows that he does not want you,that he wants you out of his life,it means that you have been forcing him to love you and stick to you when he knows that his happiness lies elsewhere. His abusiveness is to kick you out of his life for his goodness. In this case,he does not love you!

Causes of abusiveness

Again to help us know whether your boyfriend loves you even though he abuses you,we have to take a look at the likely causes of  abusiveness .

  1. Lack of self control
  2. Emotional instability and worriedness.
  3. Feeling of inadequacy or worthlessness
  4. state of sadness and stress
  5. drug and alcohol

You see,the reasons mentioned above as what can lead a boyfriend abuse his woman are real but the sad truth is that they don’t reveal that there is no love in existence. Those causes of abuse are not intentional or inherited traits. They surely have cure and solution.

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A boyfriend who abuses his woman however because of lack of self control can learn of how to control his temper to keep his woman in his bosom and make her stay enjoyable and comfortable even when he is being angered. A man who abuses his woman in the influence of drug and alcohol can also learn how to control his quest to take more alcohol than he needs just for the sake of the people he loves.

Feeling of inadequacy or worthlessness can make a man neglect the feelings of the woman he deeply loves. When he is unable to care and pay attention to her needs and feelings the woman feels hurt and emotionally abused. In this case too,such a boyfriend loves his girlfriend even though he in some ways abuses her.

Kinds of abuse you should run away from

 You see injury, assault, violation, rape, unjust practices, crimes, or other types of aggression,please run away as fast as you can for dear life even if you love him and feel he loves you anyway. He does not at all!

A man who loves you will never rape you! Rape is an intentional act made to cause you lasting pain and hurt. A man who loves you will not and never assault you! No man would maim the woman he loves or even wants her dead. He would rather cherish her as he cherishes his own body!

The question of whether a boyfriend who abuses you in some kind of way depends on the kind of abuse you receive or experience from him and of course the causes of the abuse. If the abuse is intentional,run away from him for dear life. But if however the abuse is unintentional as a result of circumstances or situations beyond his control and he is fighting to overcome it,yes,you can help him win to win the love of your life!!!




I am Monica-May Nnenne Njoku. I am a writer,a TV host and and teacher.

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