How Can I Go Back To My Ex? When to return and when not to return to your ex

‘If I make a mistake and accept him back,I will make sure that I deal with him! I will make sure that he regrets his towards action!”

Well,that was the voice of one of my clients who came up to pour her dear heart to me of her disappointment by her then lover boy. According to her,their relationship began from their childhood in their college days until they graduated from university. When the time came for them to prove the sense of their love for each other,the parents of the man rejected the to- be bride of their son and insisted on it. The poor boy couldn’t fight his parents’ decision and stand for his old time lover and soon succumbed. He met another lady whom his parents were so pleased with and then got married to her. Three years in their marriage,situations revealed that they were not compatible and could not live with each other. Yes,his heart still goes to his former sugar pie,his old sweet lover! Sooner than the couple thought,they separated and parted way from each other. Now the young man is thinking of going back to his ex,but found it so hard to do. How can he go back to his ex? How can I go back to my ex? Now everyone is asking!

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You see,returning to one’s ex is the most difficult thing one could do after a relationship has ended. Most times,the one who left doesn’t have success after taken a bold action to return to his ex. This is because,love comes after friendship but friendship doesn’t come after love.

Why would anyone try to go back to something he formally had rejected? You said you couldn’t fight your parents’ decision against your heartthrob initially,is it now you have got the strength to fight them? Hello!

You sent her a text message and boldly called her and told her you were done with her. Why are you coming back to someone you were done with? Are you really sure you are okay and you know what you are doing?

You didn’t find her fascinating or good enough even after she had given you everything of her best and you left! What do you mean you want to come back to her? How did you suddenly come to see she is a rare gift for you to make you a happy fulfilled man? What is wrong with you guys??

In everything I do,I try to take a look of what the good book says that whatever you sow you will reap. While some people succeed without getting vengeance from their ex when they have returned,some suffer in their relationship more deeply on returning.

How To Treat Your Ex

It is very true that the pain one feels when a lover is leaving a relationship for someone could be long lasting. This is especially true when there is real love between lovers. Sometimes,something beyond a man’s reach can come and throw him out of the nest and he loses his bestie. When he realizes himself,he runs back to have his dear one back. This is courage! But whether the abandoned is ready to accept her ex back or not depends on the reason he left in the first place and how she understands the matter.

But hey,if you were my client mentioned at the outset,my candid advice for you is  this: ‘Do not accept him back!’ What is the purpose of trying to accept your ex,your former lover,the one whom you have shared all kinds of romantic expressions with only to punish him? Are you not more wicked and thoughtless than you think he was? What sense of joy would you feel or derive when all you have planned to do to someone you claimed you love is to hurt him in return? Just let him go if you could not find a place in your heart to forgive him and move on once more in love with him!

There is nothing wrong if one’s ex realizes himself and wants to come back to his ex especially if his ex is still single and if he himself is also free to marry! He has a beautiful quality that can make marriage stand strong forever. He is strong enough to make up for his past mistakes. He has found you reasonably good enough and he has returned to show you that!

When Not To Return To Your Ex

There are some ex that go too far a place of no return that the only likely thing to do is to face the consequences of their actions. You left your girlfriend for another woman and married her only to realize that your ex is far much better than what you have got and you think you can right the wrong?

I don’t also know of any reasonable woman whose boyfriend would leave her for another woman and after having children and messing up his life out there would receive him just because he came back and said ”I am sorry…please forgive me… I didn’t know what came over me and made me to leave in the first place.” Really? You didn’t know what came over you but you knew when you were ranting and saying to her ‘it is over between us! I am sick and tired of this miserable relationship and I think the best thing is for us to separate for good.” Who if not a reasonable person and someone in his right sense order would say that?

Listen,it is not every stupidity that is pardonable!  This is why we ask that one should be sure before he closes the door because he might not have the key to come in again. If you ever left your lover and she accepted you when you returned in good heart you were very very fortunate! Cherish everything in her and give her the best of your new you otherwise,you will be calling on the spirit of vengeance!!!


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