How can I make him to love me? How to make a man fall deeply in love with you for a life time

One thing that is perfectly sure for me is the fact that every man and woman is created with the ability to love,to feel love and to be loved. To begin,we like to understand that it is through love making that humans are conceived to birth.

Yes,this romantic love and feelings are passed to every child naturally at conception and it begins to grow as part of a child to manifest later in life.

Everyone is given the ability to love,to feel love and to be loved! This tells why a man would see a woman and starts losing control of himself. It also tells why a woman would see just that kind of man she dreams of and go crushing on him. It is all natural!

Unfortunately however,things don’t happen just the way we want them to be sometimes. A young woman would fall in love with a man but may not be able to get his slightest attention because his heart is with someone else who may not love him as much as the other who wishes to have him forever.

The issue of ladies trying to make men love them or trying to get their attention is becoming rampant,raising the question: ‘How can I make him to love me?’

Well,the honest answer to that very important question is that you cannot make a man who is not attracted to you to love you!

Love is a free gift and you don’t have to beg for it! Love is so strong a thing with strong feelings that if a man is attracted to you,he wants to have you at all cost! Needless it is to want to make or force a man to love you!

Think of it: What effort does that man you are sexually attracted to make for you to come to love him? Did he do any special thing for you to love him that much? No. But you dearly love him! That is exactly how it should be the other way round!

Let us use a market setting for more example.In a market there are different varieties of articles out for sale.
Every seller showcases his or her articles to be visible in the eyes of buyers. Some sellers go as far as beautifying theirs while others hawk out theirs and shouting to call out buyers attention to purchase their own goods. Still,only the buyers know exactly what they want for themselves!

Not even the extra work of beautifying the goods nor shouting out  for buyers to buy your goods would make a buyer who wants something else to buy that good from the strategic sellers. The same thing goes in this affair called love! Everyone knows exactly what he or she wants and no matter what one does to make one attracted by someone it would not work unless that one is exactly what the other wants for himself.

There is this issue of our young girls going almost nude every day on the road because they want to attract the opposite sex. Yes,these ladies can succeed in attracting the opposite sex to bed but they cannot succeed to make them buy or marry them forever.

This leads to another serious problem in this affair called love or finding love! How can I make him to love me? Live your life simply by being whom you are! Everyone is unique in a way to attract a certain opposite sex,and you will definitely lose yourself by trying to be whom and what you are not.

When you lose your uniqueness,you would lose your man!And when you have lost your man,you would end up making unnecessary movement and taking actions that could only bring tears and pains for you at the end of the day.

What if I cannot find the love of my life here?

Yes,this is where it is necessary you widen out.Sometimes you take a break and go to other part of the world to meet new people.Still,do not try to make someone to love you there! Make yourself be known to people. Be your very unique self. If you are unable to find the love of your life,if you cannot meet that kind of man your heart desires,someone somewhere who truly knows you can by recommendation make that man to find you,no matter where you are.

How to make a man fall deeply in love with you forever,for a life time!

Yes,this is the stage where you have to make every effort to make make a man fall deeply in love with you and stay forever,for a life time.

Having met the love of your life who wants to live and share the best and rest of his life with you,the next thing is : How can you make him to love you deeply forever for a life time?

Learn what turns him on and off. This is the most secret of making a man love you like you have cast some love spells on him. This may include:

  • Food and recreation
  • Friendship and association
  • Family relationship
  • Goals and ambition
  • Temperament and behavior.

Try to know your man down to what he likes and what he frowns at. Support him daily and let him understand you are always there for him. If he is a reasonable man who cares and appreciates values,he will fall in love with you over and over for a life time and forever!!!

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