My Ex Is A Psychopath Who Hurts Me A Lot,But Why Do I Miss Him So Much? Reasons you are still missing your ex

What? You said he is a psychopath? One who lies,who is cunning and manipulative? An arrogant man with low self control with no regard to morality? You should be grateful he has left you and you both are no more together. What do you miss in a man close to zero percent in normalcy? A man with almost nothing to write home about? Gosh! Some people’s choices and heart desires are really problems and troubles even when problems are running away from them! They keep crying for it.

And look at her! She is really really missing him even when he is now her ex! She refuses to accept that and move on!

My boyfriend is a very stupid and arrogant man who rapes me all night and he has finally landed himself right now in jail. But I’m really missing him! That is her like.

What is good about badness? Is it attractive or fanciful? Alluring or sweet? While people pray for goodness to locate their path someone is praying otherwise. Girl wake up! The only problem you have is yourself!

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Reasons You Are Still Missing Your Ex

  • You have refused to accept he has left you and moved on. Well,this is usually the most difficult aspect in a failed relationships. Accepting that the man who was once everything for you is no more. Not that he is dead or that he is missing. He is there and out there with someone else somewhere enjoying the love of his life while you are lonely groaning in pains. But the truth is that,that man has left and moved on and the only reasonable or good thing you can do for yourself is to accept it!


  • You still hope he will come back to you sooner or later. Yes,this is another thing that goes on in the mind of everyone whose lover has left. No true or sincere lover accepts at once the abandonment of a lover to someone else. At first it looks like a dream and speculation. Later on,one hears the mind saying ”He wasn’t in his right senses when he said it was over between you both. He will soon come back to you”. But the truth is that most times,an ex doesn’t come back!


  • You still dwell in your past life with him. Of course this is where the whole problem lies. Dwelling in the past life you have shared with your ex!  This often comes when the breakup is still new and fresh. Just that time he usually calls,those usual days and places he used to take you to, those words and expressions of his that take your breath away and those things that he did that soothe your soul will all make it very difficult for you to let go. But you see,you have to accept they are gone and belong to the past!


  • You still follow and check his activities on social media. You see,this is one of the worst mistakes anyone with a broken relationship trying to heal could make. Why are you following your ex on his social media handle? Why are you checking on someone whose attention you will never have?  You see,the more you keep in touch with him the harder you will find it to let him off your mind. Checking on your ex to know how he is doing is liking to a patience who is taking coconut with medicine. It repels any effective effort a healer would make to heal a condition.


  • You still admire and nurture his pictures in your mind. Again this is a danger to anyone trying to heal from a broken relationship. Keeping a man who says he doesn’t want you so much alive in your heart and nurturing him in your mind. No body is asking you to hate a man who doesn’t love you anymore as this is anti-healing antidote. But what we don’t encourage is nurturing him in your heart because he doesn’t do the same for you. It doesn’t help the process of healing.Let him go… Even when the memories of your beautiful past with come,quickly try and replace them with something else.

Can I Overcome Strong Feelings For My Ex?

A rare saying has it that It is better to have tasted love than never to have been loved before. This is because,even if you lose your lover in one relationship,you would be guided in your next one to enjoy it better. But was that really love before? How can a man who really loved you once later turn away from you and says he doesn’t love you again and that you should look for someone else? Menhhh…there was absolutely no love before! Never! All along you have been enjoying fantasy and infatuation from that man who has left you! Love is patient. Love is kind. It is not injurious and above all,love,endures things!

Take away that feelings you have for you ex because it was rooted in deceit. He never ever loved your person! He never ever loved you!!!

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