What You Should Know If Your Husband Cheats On You

Do people still feel hurt when their partners cheat on them? Do you still get hurt when you see your husband or boyfriend cheats on you? Why do people cheat on their partners? What do you do if you think your partner is cheating on you?

Well some don’t feel all that bad anymore while many women still do. While some quickly resort to divorce their spouses and let go their beloved boyfriends for cheating on them,others simply blindfold their reality of what has been done on them and move on with their partners. What you should do if your husband cheats on you!

You see,first you have to accept that we now live at that time when total immorality stands on its feet and becomes the order of the day. Children now have boy/girlfriends before getting into colleges,teens having s*x before reaching adulthood and friends enjoying premarital s*x before getting married. All these have today become a very acceptable norm in society where anything other than it becomes unacceptable,insanity and unheard-of.

One thing however that marvels me about it all is the fact that amidst what is acceptable today, (Immoral lifestyles) both married men and women see it offensive when any of their spouses cheat on them. I just can’t understand it! You’ve been enjoying immorality and have even made it an acceptable way of your life right from your teen and now you are frowning at it because you have a spouse? Really??

I am not in any way saying or suggesting that you keep accepting and living immorally as though what is bad is good and of course I am not a canvasser or a preacher of amoral,but  I just want you to understand where I am heading to. Immorality can never outshine morality and succeed!

Today,almost every married woman is overly worried and groaning in pains resulted from spousal cheating! A man can have one wife but has two or more other sidechics or concubines, daily cheating on his wife!

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What should you do when your husband cheats on you? When a man cheats on his wife,does it still matter? Well,I have got an article that can change your entire mindset and focus on what is more important-Your husband’s love for you! Enjoy this:

Why do partners cheat?

”A man can cheat on his woman and still love her but a woman cannot cheat on her man and still love him. I say this because while men do not have sex with emotions, women can’t have sex without attaching emotions to it. This is the reason men simply need a place to have sex while women need a reason to have sex.
Most women who take their husbands to court for divorce are those that cheat on their men. A non cheating woman would most likely never take her husband to court for divorce, unless the man exceedingly abuses her physically and emotionally to the point of killing her.

Men don’t equate sex with love. A man can have sex with another woman but still doesn’t love her. That’s why women who fell in love with married men find it difficult to find happiness in those relationships as they are just being used by those married men. But once a married woman starts sleeping with you, she can even narrate some hidden secrets concerning her husband and she will even tell you why she hates him (her husband). She can even accept poison from you to eliminate her husband.

For men, sex and love are two different things. But for women, sex and love are one and the same things. For men, sex comes first before love (infatuation), but for women love comes first before sex (true love). Therefore, once your woman starts having sex with another man/men, her love shifts from you to that man and she can even start giving that man the best food and love than she gives you.

What do you if you think your partner is cheating on you?

The fact that your man is cheating on you doesn’t mean he has stopped loving you. But I can’t say the same for women. Once a woman starts cheating on you, she has fallen for someone else and you people will never live the same again. And she can even kill her husband once she starts cheating on him.
If your wife starts cheating, you should be a lucky man not to die in less than 10 years. It has been found that 95% of women who cheat wish their husbands dead. That is the main reason why it is dangerous for a man to continue staying with a wife who cheats on him. That is why it is now encouraged everywhere in the world including in the Bible, for a man to divorce his wife only once she starts cheating on him. Cheating women are more deadly to husbands than ordinary criminals or weapons. There are many cheating women in the world who invite criminals to break into her house at night only to come and eliminate her man and police officers plus relatives can’t detect this as the same woman tend to moan more than any person at the funeral so as to attract sympathy and hide her evil acts.

That’s why psychologists discourage women,more than men, from cheating.

Women can’t handle the emotional conflict that comes with cheating.

That’s the reason an observant and intelligent man will notice that his wife has started cheating on him once he starts doing it because most women tend to lose respect for their husbands and try to avoid sex with them in most times.

Cheating Women will even be giving excuses for not wanting to have sex with their husbands. Study has revealed that nearly 90% of women who cheat find it hard to have enjoyable sex with their husbands, again an intelligent man will detect this once his wife’s behavior with regard to sex start changing. But a dull man can never detect this and always tolerates fake excuses from his cheating wife until he is completely eliminated.

Women can’t cheat on their partners with people they are not emotionally involved with. They attach emotions to everything. That’s why you can’t always trust their judgment. When a joke is cracked,most women who laugh are not laughing because the joke is funny but because they like the person who cracked the joke. If they don’t like you, no matter how funny your joke may be, they won’t laugh, but when a man laughs at a joke, it’s because the joke is funny, not because he likes the comedian. Men are not always sentimental and emotionally involved.

Study has shown that every relationship begins to flounder once a woman starts cheating. There are many men who cheat on their partners but still show them true love. But it is very hard to find a relationship in which a woman is cheating and things still remain the same.

I repeat, nearly 100% of cheating women wish their husbands quick death or divorce to have unlimited sex freedom while nearly 100% of cheating men can’t wish their wives quick death or divorce. That is why most men can’t allow their wives to be physically or verbally abused by their girlfriends. Men will always stand for their wives.

A man would cheat but still love and respect his wife, but the opposite is true with cheating women.

Once your wife starts sleeping with other men/man, just know that your death is near.”

R.M – Professor of Psychology
Ohio State University – USA

Those are what you should know if your husband cheats on your!!

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