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If someone has a boyfriend and she tells him that she likes to have another boyfriend in addition to him and he consents to it and vise versa, that is poly relationship.

Are you into poly relationship? Do you know of any who is? Well,one thing I know is that a lot of people are into poly relationships but would not openly acknowledge that. Is anything wrong with poly relationship? Is poly relationship healthy for those dating? Who actually can be in poly relationship? Is poly relationship advisable for everyone? Let’s find out here!

Poly relationship is the practice for intimate relationships or love with more than one partner with the consent of all partners involved.
You have a boyfriend and you ask your boyfriend you like to have another boyfriend and he consents to it and vise versa. That is poly relationship.

Does this not amaze you? This is really really crazy guys! You have a girlfriend and you happily let her be in the hands of other men eeh? Is that how you love to share? This can’t happen in Africa especially in relationship level where everyone is a jealous lover and is ever ready to kill his or her partner when caught on the sight of holding another person’s hand. Letting or lending your lover to another for the same kind of relationship? What kind of people do this?

How does poly relationship work?

Poly relationship works the same way polygamous marriages work. For example,a man marries two wives either at the same time or at different times. He eats and feeds on their different tables at different times each taking their turns. If he sleeps with one wife today,he sleeps with the other tomorrow. However,some men or husbands like to have their wives in the same bed at the same time giving each according to their emotional and sexual needs and desires.

Because a girl knows and consents to her boyfriend to have another girlfriend for the same purpose of relationship,she should be willing to enjoy sharing her boyfriend with another girl without any form of bitterness or anger in it. If she is with her boyfriend and enjoying his presence and the other girlfriend of her boyfriend calls him and tells him that she wants to be with him right now,she should gladly let him go and be with her. That is what it feels to be in poly relationship! Sharing your partner with another or more people for the same sexual or emotional relationship!

Why are lovers engaged in poly relationships?

You see,it surprises you that in as much as you feel strongly that you can never share your man or woman with another person there are people who are willing to do so. In fact,it is the only way they can have security in their relationships. Take a look at some reasons expressed by some people in poly relationships:

“It’s hard enough to get a relationship right with just one partner.” ”On one hand, polyamory removes the secrecy and betrayal of trust that surrounds an affair,”

“On the other hand, managing compassion (finding joy from a loved one’s pleasure in another) is the stumbling block that trips up most polygamists.”

The truth is that the above mentioned reasons that drive people into poly relationships will never make sense to you because it is not for you! Trust me.

Are poly relationships illegal?

Well,the question of whether poly relationships are illegal is the same as asking whether it is illegal to have companions or build friendships with one another in any defined society. This is people’s right to express their feelings and choose how they live their love-life. For now,I don’t know of any country which has illegalized it.

Can you cheat in a poly relationship?

Surely yes! And I don’t see anyone in the poly relationship who should complain if you do. After all,jealousy or fear of losing a lover to anyone else is out of poly relationship question. If you are a jealous lover would you have allowed your partner to have another lover? If you love your partner enough to have him or her would you even think of consenting or sharing him or her with another? There is no atom of commitment or seriousness in the affairs of poly relationships if you ask me!

Who really practices poly relationship?

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Anyone who can tolerate or who is willing to share his or her lover with someone else can practice poly relationship. If you don’t get hurt that your partner is with someone else,if it doesn’t bother you that your partner loves someone else,if you don’t get heartbroken that your lover is enjoying intimacy with another person of your sex not opposite sex,then my dear,you are a big time character and you truly need to practice poly relationship!

People who practice poly relationships feel they have such needs that just one partner cannot fill or satisfy.

They are also people who feel that having just one partner in life is risky and that it is safer to have more than one so that when one leaves or disappoints the other can still have a lover to lean on.

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Poly relationship is a type of relationship but a wilder and crazier one at that!

Again,if you ask me,I would say that poly relationship is for people who are  not ready to settle down with one partner,people who are not interested in settling down in marriage or having a soulmate,people who do not want to be any person’s man or woman in particular,and yet,want to get the satisfaction of their emotional needs from opposite sex!!!

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