How To Build Trust In A Relationship

How To Build Trust In A Relationship

No doubt,you have heard from so many people that trust is the key to a successful,happy,relationship. That is true! Whether you are married or still single,the truth is that trust in your partner is as essential to your relationship as water is to life!

Firm believe in the reliability of someone. A situation where one party is willing to rely on the action of another. That is trust!
Can you do this? Can you really rely absolutely to the action of your partner and firm believe in his or her action even when you have no evidence? Well,this is exactly what is required to have and enjoy your relationship with your partner in trust.

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How to build trust in your relationship

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To help you really build trust in your relationship,below are the necessary actions to take:

  • Be open to your partner. This in other words means you should be yourself to your partner. No pretense. Do not be a mirage in your relationship and unveil yourself soon into your marriage. I bet you,your partner will never trust you again. In his heart,you have become a despised person!


  • Be specific in your words or action. This is where the challenge comes in! Being specific in what you tell him. You are in your boyfriend’s house and you want to use his toilet for defecation. Are you seriously going to tell him that? awsh! Well,so many girls would rather not say or mention it. Then I wondered what they would do in the water closet as soon as they go in there. But the truth is that by being specific to your partner,you will gain his respect. He will love your boldness. He will see you are truthful and relaxed with him; You will have his trust.


  • Believe everything your partner tells you even if you hear a contrary statement elsewhere. Yes,this is what trust means. Total or firm believe in your partner even if your instincts tells you it’s a lie! Still believe him until truth reveals itself and he tells you ‘I am sorry.’



  •  Be your partners closest friend. This is very important in building trust in your relationship. unfortunately,not everyone in a relationship has this bond and it makes me wonder what on earth they do in there. If you are not your husband’s or boyfriend’s best friend then you are asking someone else to be! In this case,forget trust in your relationship. There is none,and there may be none if you continue in this way. No bond,no links,no heart -to-heart thing. Dear friend,you are simply a stranger and no stranger knows in and out of anything or anyone.


  •  Share your past with your partner. While some advisers would counsel you to let the past be buried,my advice for you is to tell your partner about your concrete past. A beautiful and strong friend came to me one night and asked me: Lady Monica,my fiance asked me if I’m still a virgin and I didn’t give him the direct answer of it. Should I tell him about it?
    Then I asked her ”If you have a very good friend like I whom you could trust enough to share with what you discussed with your fiance over a telephone should you not open up to him more? For goodness sake,this is your fiance! Your suitor and future husband. What will he not still find out about you tomorrow? Don’t hide from your fiance what he will still find out tomorrow! If you make him find it out tomorrow by himself,he may never like to find out any thing from you again. He will find it out from someone else,someone very close to you or better still by himself. Then who are you to him? Can’t you see you are loosening the knot with your own hands?”

How to build trust in relationship after lying

And so you see that there is nothing your life partner won’t still find out about you. Although there are some people who would never ever disclose certain information about themselves to their partners until their partners eventually find  out. What will you do if this happens?

  • Well,you first have to apologize to him or her except if he or she isn’t your heartthrob and you know what I mean.


  • Now you have to explain to him or her what or how it happened. This is because,there is no one else who can tell the exact truth than you and your partner itches to hear it from you.


  • Do not forget to tell your partner the reasons you lied in the first place. Don’t ask me how because you are the only person who knows the reasons and of course I know you definitely have your reasons for doing what you did!


  • From time to time,make him see for himself whatever you have earlier told him. Men love to get fact!


Importance of trust in a relationship

Building trust in your relationship is simply the best thing that can happen in you relationship.

  • One of the importance however is that it gives room to be your true self and enjoy your partner’s whole being .


  • Building trust with your partner brings you both closer to each other everyday.


  • Nothing refreshes and assures the love both people have for each other than trust in a relationship.



  • When you and your partner gain each other’s trust,the world would just simply be your own! It is then and only then can you both enjoy your love life and that two flesh become one with no other in between!!!

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