How Much Should We Do For Boyfriends? controlling? Are boyfriend Boyfriends? Are boyfriends considered family members? s possessive?

How Much Should We Do For Boyfriends?  Couple, Romance, Love, Kiss, Lovers
How Much Should We Do For Boyfriends?

Okay,so a lot of teenage girls and ladies have been hooked by some ridiculous  duties for the likes of their boyfriends. Unfortunately,some of these ladies inherited this sense of unnecessary  duties from their friends turned advisers and some from their great grandmothers history. How much should we do for boyfriends? There is yeye boyfriend even there is a music titled yeye boyfriend by zlatan
How could someone wake up only to realize that the only right thing to do for her boyfriend is to visit his home,wash his clothes,mob his house and prepare his dish for him? This now makes us to ask:

Your boyfriend? When so many of you girls aren’t even proud to mention them to your family members they are your boyfriends because the state is yet not clear to you? This is ridiculous!! Why go on and on washing his clothes,cooking and giving him food when it has not been really clear to you if he is a serious suitor? It is only and in only unhealthy relationships full of desperation do we see undignified behaviour like this.

We also have situations where boyfriends force their girlfriends to delete their former Facebook  and other social media account handles. This makes us ask again:

If this is the case or what happens when a girl gets a boyfriend,it then means that boyfriends are in absolute control of your life. If your boyfriend monitors who calls or charts with you,if he chooses or approves whom you should send friend request to or whom you should follow on the social media,it absolutely mean that your boyfriend is very very possessive. This is not what you or anyone has ever wished to have but unfortunately,to please these so called boyfriends,our ladies delete their very mature investment of friendship zones and lose other well meaning friends in their hundreds just for only one jealous boyfriend. Girls why?? What suddenly happened to your right senses??

In the days of our grandmothers in Africa,things weren’t exactly this way. These women although being betrothed and traditionally engaged to their would-be husbands wouldn’t go to the homes of their suitors but to the family house of their suitors to get acquainted with the members of his family. There was no form of absolute control of their life pattern by their serious suitors. How much should we do for boyfriends?
Most women in their yet undefined relationships  with their pseudo boyfriends voluntarily and some at the demands of their friends open their legs for the pleasure of their boyfriends. Some do it daily,others weekly. Why? They said if they wouldn’t do it,their boyfriends would leave them for other girls! I don’t understand. How? Is your womanhood made for public consumption? Is its value rated by premarital sex activities? Is that a qualification for marriage rites? Hello!!
There are also ladies who would go as far as risking their life in the process of committing abortion because their selfish and greedy boyfriends ask them to do so would they want to continue to be their girlfriends. What rubbish!! To accept to continue to be a trash of rubbish in a relationship with life killer and blood shocker is what you crave and wish to continue being?? What sort of person are you??
How would you even think that a man who had never been engaged to you,who had never introduced you to his parents as his soon to be wife and who had never deemed it fit to see your parent do so after you have given and he has sapped you of everything you have for his tomorrow’s pleasure?How much should we do for boyfriends?
And who told you that a man who loves you would leave you for another girl because you won’t open your legs for him to deep his unkempt fingers and manhood in your sacred beautiful hole? A big lie my dear! In fact,it is even your refusal that will make him run and chase you the more. I and we in our entire lives have never seen a responsible,intelligent man leave a gold for a mere chaff!
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I repeat,you won’t lose a responsible,charming lover to another girl merely because you refuse to be stupid,senseless and incomprehensible. Any man who does so is rather worthless and unworthy of a virtuous character like you are. You don’t deserve such rotten,wasted,chaff in a manly muscularly body, sweet heart.
Gladly let him go!  Let him go for a dear man who will not unnecessarily control your life as if your life solely depends on him.

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A man who will not shameless reduce your worth just because he wants you to prove you love and will make him happy in time. A man who will look at you and see you are just that woman he needs to accomplish and fulfill his soul. A man who will help you and make whole. A man who will mold you become your better person and not a man who will take the better you  and dash it to a trash!You need to have this figure of a man sweetie. And until you have him don’t settle for any less!!!

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