Should These Ones Also Date?- Why dating is important,why dating doesn’t feel right,can lovers form a romantic feelings for each other without dating?

Should These Also Date?  Love, Couple, Happy, Romantic
Should These Also Date?

Are we saying there are people who should not date? Is dating not for everyone intending to find a soul suitor?  Is dating not a necessary step for everyone intending to marry? Should these also date? Please who are these?

These are the many things we shall unveil herein to you As usual,feel free with us and enjoy the article.

Almost every mature mind believes that dating is important and really it is. But why,why and why?Below is the shortest and simplest reason:

(h2)Why dating is important
According to Wikipedia definition,dating is a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship. Put simply,dating involves romantic relationship with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a prospective partner.
Can two people in love assess each other’s suitability without going out together or seeing each other? Can two people of opposite sex become lovers without first dating? Can two good friends form romantic feelings for each other without dating? Should these also date?
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(h3)Can Two people In Love Assess each Other’s Suitability Without Going Out Together Or Seeing Each Other?

Yes and absolutely yes! Because they are already lovers,their minds and heart are already connected to each other. Without pretense of whom they really are,one can hurt the other without the other feeling irritated about it. They have become two great forgivers to each other that no matter what one does or say the other is always willing to forgive. This is suitability. They can live together in peace forever because,they can let go of anything called a breach to their relationship. Should these also date?
(h4)Can Two Opposite Sex Become Lovers Without First Dating?
In the history of  love and relationship,love comes first before dating. People of opposite s*x must have realized that they have love for each other before they can go on date to form stronger relationship and cement the bond of feelings they both share.
I know of lovers who have deep feelings for each other. They started as good friends who are fond of  what each was. At first,the young man said he was captivated by the little girl’s beauty. As they were growing bigger, he also found out that she was a very intelligent child with a fine quality of  ‘‘no nonsense” and this attracted him to the girl. On the side of the beautiful young lady,she said that her own attraction to the guy was the fact that her no nonsense and gallant attitude which irritates many guys was loved,respected and cherished by him. The young guy prides in everything that makes the girl,the person she really is. He knows how to calm and control her when she has to let the steam out like no other man does. Should these also date?
(h5)Can Two Good Friends Form Romantic Feelings For Each Other Without Dating?

Since love,attraction and feelings are the drives and push for dating are we not saying that two good friends can form romantic feelings for each other without first dating? One thing you should know about dating is that dating itself does not generate either feelings or love. It can only make these two things grow stronger. Lovers who have developed romantic feelings for each other which they keep nurturing day by day through communications via telephones and text messages,are accessing each other’s suitability as prospective partners are they not? Should these also date?

(h6)When dating doesn’t feel right
Well,we are not in any ways saying or suggesting that dating is not necessary for everyone intending to marry. What we are saying is that for those who start friendships later turned relationships in their early lives and fortunately got attracted to their partners,continue to grow and develop feelings for each other and later in their relationships find they are suitable and compatible to each do not necessarily need to date. What else would they accomplish in dating that they have not already achieved? Is it finding a right mate? Having a companion through interaction? Developing or having intimacy? Could it be personality development? Just what else would those who have achieved all  of these in their casual relationships gain when they engage in a more serious process of getting to know each other called dating? Maybe the last point in my mind- Dating,preparing minds for marriage.
Finally,if you have been in a long time relationship with a lover and you are still in doubt whether you are both suitable for each other you really really need to engage in a more serious process of developing and nurturing romantic feelings for lovers and prospective partners called dating!!!

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