If I Accidentally Kiss Another Girl,Is It Still Considered Cheating?

If I Accidentally Kiss Another Girl,Is It Still Considered Cheating?  People, Man, Woman, Couple, Kiss, Hug
If I Accidentally Kiss Another Girl,Is It Still Considered Cheating?

Thank you Mr. Brennan for asking us this question. No doubt you’ve been afraid of cheating and you truly want to be faithful to your partner. But we could feel your arms are about to drop from your girlfriend because you want to kiss a side -chick . I don’t get it Brenna,you asked: ‘If I accidentally kiss another girl,is it still considered cheating?’

Any thing done in this way is no longer an accident! You’ve deeply thought of it,and you knew it could happen. The only problem you are having right now is that you do not know for sure if it is considered cheating when one accidentally kisses another girl.
In a sense,if someone tells you that it is not considered cheating when a man accidentally kisses another girl order than his girlfriend you will go on doing it in the name of ”accidental deed”.
Did you kiss another girl order than your girlfriend? Have you already done it without knowing when and how it happened,and now you want to know if you’ve cheated on your dear partner?
Well,if you have already accidentally kissed another girl and you want to know if you have cheated on your partner,yes you have cheated! And if you are talking out of imagination  it means you are already willing to do it and will later call it an accidental kiss. Yet,it too is considered cheating!
No one kisses just anything he or she sees except what is being attracted to him or her. It must have appealed to you and you must have developed some feelings to kiss before it is done. If you do it,you will have cheated on your partner!
Faithfulness is simply when you have an urge to kiss or do any wrong and yet,say no and refuse to yield! If you fall in to your urge and do as it pushes,my dear,you have cheated!!
If you don’t want to cheat on your girlfriend,let no to the feelings to do so be your only resolve. Yes,it is so hard to say no to the urge when it comes but it cannot push you do kiss anyone if your heart is strong to withdraw.

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If your mind is trying to get you there,let your eyes off her. Get your eyes down your shoes and then walk away…
Whether it is by accident or not,kiss is kiss!!There is no difference between the action because it is drawn by the same stimuli.
You kissed her because you had the urge and you drew out when you’ve gotten the satisfaction you craved for.
Dear Mr. Brenna,when you kiss another girl who is not your girl,whether by what you called an accident,you have simply cheated!!!

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