How Can I Make myself Attracted To Men?

How Can I Make myself Attracted To Men? Girl, Love, Heart, Relationship
How Can I Make myself Attracted To Men?

Wow! This question sounds like ones’ who has never been approached by any man in her entire life!  Some people may say that there could be no such people on earth who have never been approached by their opposite s*x but I tell you there are!
They are not imbecile,neither are they handicapped or  mentally challenged,but,they are just normal men and women like you who are reading this piece. How can I make myself attracted to men?
What kind of attraction could a woman be asking for in order to get herself a man? This is because,getting the most expensive powder and getting the best makeup artist in the world to give one a beautiful look does not make any woman attractive so forget about it. Cosmetics does not help in this regard!
The question of what a woman could do to make herself attracted to men is the same question a trader or a business owner would ask to attract buyers to patronize his or her goods. What could a business man or a trader do in his business in order to attract buyers to buy his goods? Change the color of his shop to perhaps one attractive color? Change his business type or repaint the brand of his goods? Well, all these attempts won’t do so much to attract buyers to buy ones’ goods. No doubt it would make the business outlet and products look beautiful and neat but unless the seller has what customers want he will not seller. How can I make myself attractive to men?
The same is applicable here in a woman who is seeking for an attractive mate for marriage. Painting or changing her color to attract men won’t make men ask her hand in marriage unless she has what the suitors want for marriage!
Everyone naturally is good enough for marriage but attitude and wayward lifestyles could make one unattractive for marriage.
Some women do not know they worth more than many sparrows that they give out their most precious bodies to men all day- night for a price of  chicken!
Some become so gullible that they dance to the tones of others,follow the devilish ways that by the time they come to their senses they would have been worn off.
How can I make myself attractive to men? Be your humble self. Be a productive or an enterprising person. Live a meaningful lifestyle. Live a life of purpose.And show that your life does not depend on anyone to survive!!!

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