Grievous Breakup Mistakes That Destroy Chances Of Getting Back Together

Grievous Breakup Mistakes That Destroy Chances Of Getting Back Together

What many people do not know about breakup is that it is not the end of any relationships but a clear break in romantic relationships. This is our own definition from This is because,during breakup in relationships,the chances of getting back together or losing out completely is 50:50.

It is out of place to say that it doesn’t make sense to expect an ex come back or want to make up with an ex otherwise,it would have been very senseless and such a shame for one who says so to have been in that relationship in the first place.
If the partner didn’t make any sense to you why would you have accepted to share part of your life,time and precious resources with him or her even if it is for a day,a week,a month or for a year?
Breakup happens when there is disappointment,when expectations are not seen coming forth or when one party does not see light coming at the end of the tunnel. So you take a break and give things chances to work things out for themselves. Only for someone you love would you expect something good of achievement to happen. Disappointment you feel because you expect something more reasonable from him or her. Not able to see light at the end of the tunnel because you expect him or her to shine above their limits. Only from someone you truly love would you expect something of so great and important.
 Breakup mistakes that destroy chances of getting back together!!
Truly speaking,100% of genuine lovers in relationships would expect their ex to back during their breakup. We are not talking about those in lustful relationships or to those guided by the spirit of infatuation in relationships. This is for genuine lovers and here are mistakes that destroy chances of coming back together they shouldn’t make!!

  • Do not divulge your ex’s secret with either your friends or his because of anger or disappointment. Somehow,your ex will get to hear about it and feel more strongly to stay away from you.

  • Everyone makes mistakes. Do not share your ex’s mistakes with people either on social media or anywhere else just to show you are not at fault in the breakup. Infidelity which destroys relationships is not only about fornication or adultery, but also in the inability of not respecting part of someone’s life.

  • There was a friend who broke up with her husband after five years in marriage with two kids. instead of lying low or going into hibernation,she took to her social media page,and everyday she would  show how stupid some men could be. If only she didn’t allow the situation take her better self,she would have kept the whole thing to herself,knowing her husband is also watching her reactions. Her ex saw himself as part of what she daily discussed on her page,and feels irritated to make up with her. Do not walk on her path!!

  • If you speak injuriously of your ex,you are making him or her not to see any good in you anymore. So how would he or she come back? What is the drive that speeds off interest in relationships?

  • But you really want your ex back.Everyday and night you wish you both are still together so you could talk the way you used to and never say goodbye to each other. You can still get him back because breakup is not the end of a relationship.He still loves you but wants to see things turn around better. You can only help the situation by doing better.
Because you and your ex had allowed strong feelings to grow in your emotional lives,it won’t be easy to just let go forever. Keep a positive look at things and rather than dwelling on your ex’s mistakes and sharing it out publicly,keep busy working on yourself and you will not have a dime time for stupidity.
If he finds what he wants in you,no mountainous fall or crack in the sky will stop him from coming back for him!!!

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