How Do I Know He Really Loves Me?

How Do I Know He Really Loves Me?-Couple, Silhouette, Love, Romance
How Do I Know He Really Loves Me?

Okay so I prefer the question: ”How do I know he really loves me to be the other way round-How do I know I really love him? I want you to be the actor here so that you will know what it means to love.

A nursing mother does not need to go for any child care orientation to know how to care for babies but she is the one to be consulted to give out tips and measures of caring for babies. The tips were  already given her naturally the moment the baby came into her life.
If you are in a relationship with someone you love,you also already have in you the romantic tips and spices that would keep you forever in love. This is because,love has elements of feelings only those in unselfish love and relationship have and share with each other. How do you know he really loves me?  Let’s use your own evidence.
What do you do to show your boyfriend that you cherish him and would not want to lose him to another woman? You know it all.

  • You would always want to talk with him,see him,hear his voice and even be with him.

  • At every moment you remember him you want to call him or flash him to call you. Yes you are missing him.

  • Your boyfriend is always in your mind not just in your quiet or lonely moments but even when you are busy.

  • If you really love your boyfriend,you would not see any other man around attractive for any romantic affairs. No matter how much he impresses you,you are not moved because your mind is closed for the man you love.

  • No matter how much your boyfriend offends you you would never have a grudge or be so bitter with him. Just when you see his call coming your heart is leaped with joy and lips are filled with smiles. You love your boyfriend…

  • Sometimes when your boyfriend is troubled you sense and feel it even when you haven’t heard from him or he hasn’t said a thing to you.

  • When you are on telephone call with him,you feel it should be forever. You wouldn’t want to hang up the line or say bye right? That means you really love him sweetie.

  • Any woman who is in love is always full of life and happiness. The radiance in her is simply indescribable. Enjoy it sweetie,you are in love.

  • A woman who loves her man would want to help him improve and grow a better person. No rival spirit,no competition with a loved one.

So dear Motivational friend,how do you know he loves you? How do I know he really loves me? Feel relaxed baby…if you see all of the points of evidence mentioned above and more like it in him,know that your boyfriend really loves you.
There are no two ways about it. Love is love,when it comes you see it because it comes with feelings!
Yes,if you do not see all of the above mentioned tips or evidence of love or more like it,it is a clear evidence that your boyfriend does not love you enough! Like relationship experts would say: ”If you give your boyfriend 100% love and attention and all you get from him is 50%,get out of the mocking relationship! It is not healthy for you!!!

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