Is It Okay To Revenge On My Ex Or Leave Things For Karma?

Is It Okay To Revenge On My Ex Or Leave Things For Karma?-Divorce, Separation, Relationship

Most times,this is what is presented in the minds of people who are victims of breakup-Vengeance! Everybody especially ladies want to revenge on their ex for leaving them for some other persons. Well vengeance is not 100% wrong in a sense but what makes it unnecessary is that it won’t give you any positive result. I mean your desired expectations.

What would you get when you revenge on your ex? Yes he hurts you,he leaves you and he chooses another will you get healed or get your ex back by revenging? definitely NO! 
I don’t understand why some ladies would go after tarnishing the image of their ex and even going to the extent of visiting spirit medium to cause madness and render useless anyone that has broken up with them. 
Dear ladies,this is rather too too far steps to take. Rendering your ex useless for breaking up with you does not justify the break up itself. In what way has he rendered you useless by breaking up with you? I don’t see that. 
When you begin to have the feeling that you are being rendered useless by anyone who leaves you,you are telling him that your life,your strength,your success and all worth of  your life depend on him. What kind of person are you??
Ladies of my kind would rather pick up themselves,dust off the shit and tell themselves they are the finest of their kind any man could get and work out wonderful things for themselves their ex would later see and yes feel regret they were the ones that left.
Yes that is the greatest revenge you can give any man that breaks up with you! Show him you are a beautiful stuff of material only potential guys can get and that would make him look nothing but of a lesser kind for not being able to have you. That is the kindest and best kind of revenge you can give your ex baby…
Why should you let down on yourself and on womanhood by going into fetishness and harming your ex? Leave your ex alone. Let him live his life to the fullest and watch you become more of potential things only potential men could have.
You can get back your ex you know if you still love him by building on yourself and by being positive!! I am a living example and I won’t tell you how until you ask me for it!!! Read more here: 10 Ways To Extinguish Romantic Feelings For Someone

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