20 October, 2020

What to do in abusive relationships –


A friend once says that relationship is made to be enjoyed,and not to be endured. Another friend also says,that in a healthy relationship,there must be sometimes fights and quarrels. What are these friends saying? Should relationship be filled with tears and joy? What to do in abusive relationship is the topic! Read more: IS IT OKAY FOR YOUR FRIEND TO DATE YOUR EX?

The picture above shows a pregnant young woman,being attacked by her boyfriend. When they began their relationship,it was romantic,and everything seemed as if the world is a bed of roses for them. It was so sweet,and they were both enjoying it until there came a sign of pregnancy. The young woman was excited,and the young man responsible for the pregnancy wasn’t anything close to excitement. Why? Because,his girlfriend has become pregnant.

It’s so shocking to see how a boyfriend,a called lover,would eat the fruit that God says he must not eat and would not want to face the consequences. Dear boyfriend,when you were opening the gate of heaven found in between your lady’s legs as often as you want to,what were you thinking? Did a common sense not tell you that you would definitely not get her pregnant?  That means you never wished to be a man!

Women and ladies have suffered in their various relationships.Many times,some are beaten and thrown out like some trash while others are denied and threatened with their lives,should they mention anything like relationship. If you are a victim of abusive relationship,what should you do?


  • Leave any relationship that does not mean well for you no matter your commitment already.

  • If  you are pregnant and he asks you to abort it,understand that your life is in danger and take a leave,to save your life and that of your baby. Your bold step,might be the only thing that will make him come back to you.

  • Don’t ever beg a man who says he no longer wants you in his life. Remember,no one is your lifeline.

  • Let go of the past and pick yourself again,for dry bone shall always rise and rise again.

  • Finally,talk to reliable friends about the situations,pouring out your feelings to them.

Like my friends would always say : Relationship is made to be enjoyed and not to be endured. Yes,it is true. This does not mean that you shouldn’t endure trying  periods,no,but hey,pains shouldn’t be your take in your relationship. Yes,little fight or quarrels,strengthen relationship but not attack or threats!

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