20 October, 2020



Isn’t it so touching to see a child begging his step father to adopt him as his own son? The only thing that actually prompted me to raise this as a topic is the picture itself. You can imagine how long the boy must have longed to have his own father! You can imagine more so,the emotional trauma and yearning for an opportunity such as this for this child!! Should a child be made to go through this humiliating process in life? Surely no. Something must be wrong somewhere and we have to find out what exactly,it is!!

Reports have shown that a lot of children have been born and raised by single parents,who most times are women. These are children,who are conceived during a mere relationships between their mothers and their boyfriends,who subsequently abandon them,leaving the women to cater for their babies. Yes,later on,what seems to be bad luck,to the ladies,sometimes end up being a blessing to them,as better suitors would come after them for marriage.

It is okay when a man marries a woman,who already has a child or children. But,leaving the child or children out of family arrangement,making them fatherless when their mother is your wife,is practically,unacceptable! When you build a house,you should also ensure you roof it,says my sage.

For the sake of good conscience,when you marry a mother of a child and refuse to adopt her  child,what are your intentions? Can a mother leave her own suckling?  Okay fine,now that you you have become the husband to a mother of a child,whom do you expect to become the father of her child or children? The man who long ago abandoned the child to the woman,who has now become your wife? Never! That child can definitely not be a son to  another man whom he does not know,but to you,the husband of his mother. Your marriage to his mother is a total acceptance to adopt him as your own child,in case you never knew.

Dear women and single mothers,if a man seeks your hand in marriage and does not wish to become a father to your child or children,refuse to accept. Accepting to be a wife to a man who despises your blood,is like  denying your child,the right to have a home! How could you be such callous???

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