20 October, 2020

5 reasons why your child does not excel in class –


 In the whole wide world,there is no single mother or parent who does not wish their children well in life. I was privileged to be invited to one primary school graduation in Nigeria,and you know what? The pupils showed how wonderful they could be,when they are encouraged to be their best. The school pupils who participated in drama,poem recitation and in welcome address presentations were pupils who go in flying colors,representing their school. On the same hand too,pupils or students whose pictures are used in their school advert boards and banners are the well to do pupils. Yes,every parent wants to be identified with success,honor and pride through the excellence performance of their children.

Unfortunately however,there are children who fail once and again no matter what! Here are 5 reasons why your child does not excel in class.


One of the reasons why your child does not excel in class is you. In all our studies,it has been confirmed that parents who over weigh their children with lots of expectations end up creating emotional burden for them. How can a child who has been emotionally weigh down ever do well?

Another reason why your child does not excel in class is due to over brain work. A good adage says ” All work with no play,makes jack a dull boy”. It is in Nigeria that children leave home as early as 6:30 am and return about 3 pm,have their lunch and proceed for home lessons that will take about two hours. Yes,they still have countless number of school assignments in their school bags that they must do before the next day to school. Parents in this way make their children jacks of all trades,masters of none!

Unnecessary competition. The life of average Nigerian parents is competition. They want their children to be first and best in everything! A parent would like their child,just one child to be best in English language,best in Mathematics,and in all other subjects. Dear parent,this is absolutely impossible to be! No one,in this planet earth,can be the best in everything! If you try it so hard on your child,you will end up redirecting him to be the worst of everything in life.

Blind choice. This is a situation where a child is being drifted from his own choice of career to that of his own parent. There is an example of a child who says that he wanted to be a photographer. His parent says no and fought him out of his choice,making him to read Sciences,where he would become a Doctor. Believe it when we tell you that that child never passed any of his science subjects,that could make him  a Doctor. The ambitious photographer kept failing as if he was not good in anything. Unfortunately,this child has lost sense of belonging as all his mates are already,far ahead of him in life.

No child is born to be a failure in life. God has given everyone his own gift in life. If a child does not excel in life,there must have been some obstructing factors,which his parent,must be responsible for!

Dear parents,rather than choosing careers for your children,forcing them to live  another’s dream,guide and encourage them to make their choices come true. The major reason why your child does not excel in class is because,you have made him lose his person!

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